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vintage modern studio furniture - george nakashima cabinet
Buying George Nakashima

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Weller Louselsa Vase$285Eastwood Gallery 
H. Bailee Scott Picture$225Eastwood Gallery 
Rogers Lidded Humidor$275Eastwood Gallery 
Frost Inkwell$450Eastwood Gallery 
Art Glass Goblet$180Eastwood Gallery 
Inkwell$450Eastwood Gallery 
Minneapolis Handicraft Guild Bookends$850Eastwood Gallery 
Hewes Bowl$650Eastwood Gallery 
Minneapolis Handicraft Guild Candlestick$1,300Eastwood Gallery 
Framed Batchelder Tile$235Eastwood Gallery 
Dedham PlatesPrice Avail. on request Eastwood Gallery 
Framed Tiles$100Eastwood Gallery 
Roseville Mostique VasesPrice Avail. on request Eastwood Gallery 
Pillow$350Eastwood Gallery 
Welcome Mats$38Eastwood Gallery 
Contemporary Tiles$55Eastwood Gallery 
Druggert Rug$750Eastwood Gallery 
Arts and Crafts Textiles$60Eastwood Gallery 
Cards$3Eastwood Gallery 
Wood Block Print$110Eastwood Gallery 
Magazines$8Eastwood Gallery 
BooksPrice Avail. on request Eastwood Gallery 
Motawi Tile$320Eastwood Gallery 
Clock and BarometerPrice Avail. on request Eastwood Gallery 
Michigan Chair Attr. Mag. Stand$850Eastwood Gallery 
Echford Block Print$650Eastwood Gallery 
Tiffany Pendant-996$1,450Eastwood Gallery 
Bob Brown Watercolor-buildings$350Eastwood Gallery 
Linen-989$110Eastwood Gallery 
Donegal Rugs$1,540Eastwood Gallery 
Dard Hunter China$112Eastwood Gallery 
Linen-961$50Eastwood Gallery 
Linen-963$125Eastwood Gallery 
Tiffany Compote$1,400Eastwood Gallery 
Mission fixture with window design$150Eastwood Gallery 
Tiffany Toothpick$375Eastwood Gallery 
Linen-976$125Eastwood Gallery 
Linen-981$65Eastwood Gallery 
Linen-960$60Eastwood Gallery 
Leather Pinecone Bookends$225Eastwood Gallery 
Plate-Large wth light blue$65Eastwood Gallery 
Plate-Gold Band$38Eastwood Gallery 
Dining Table-Black w/ 4 leaves$2,950Eastwood Gallery 
Yoshida Woodblock$850Eastwood Gallery 
Minneapolis Handicraft Guild Vase$110Eastwood Gallery 



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